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Please read the instructions carefully!

The story

"Hi, I'm Mary!"

Tomorrow is Destiny's birthday and you don't know her well but you want to give her a birthday present. You only know that she prefers particular colors, shapes, or textures over others.

Instructions for a block

You will see a series of scenarios with one person and three objects. The person and their preferences for color, shape or texture will stay the same over the whole block but the objects will change. For example the texture can be solid, striped or polka-dotted.

One scenario might look like this:

Your first task is to pick an utterance to indicate to Mary which objects to choose from.
Mary then picks one of the objects that correspond to the utterance. She always chooses her preferred object given the available choices. Her preferences don't change over time.

So in this example you chose to say "circle" and Mary then picked the green one:

Your second task is to adjust the sliders according to what Mary likes.

In this example you should ajust the sliders. Does she like blue? Red? Green?


The experiment consists of experimental blocks. In each block you will need to find a birthday present for a new person. Your task is to find out the person’s 1st choice, 2nd choice, and 3rd choice. There will be 4 trials in each block.

Let's go!

Suppose you want to find out 's preferences:

chose the object with the yellow frame.

You can choose a single utterance and then watch select an object.
What should you say?

Please choose one of the utterances before you can see the response.

"Hi, I'm !"

Please adjust the sliders according to 's

definitely not definitely
Please ajust all the sliders according to what you learned about what likes. If you didn't learn anything just touch all the sliders.

Are you sure you now know 's preferences for s?

No, I have no idea.
Yes, I'm sure!
Please answer by moving the slider.

You go to the birthday party.

You guessed that 's favorite is and that also likes things.
That's why you give a present with a birthday card.


Actually favorite is and second favourite is but doesn't like at all.

Block of

In this next block you will meet a new person and you will again have to find out about their preferences to find a birthday present for them.
As before, you will see a series of scenarios with the person and three objects. The person will stay the same over the whole block but the objects will change. The person doesn't lie and the preferences they have will stay the same over the block.

Are you ready?

Additional information

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Did you read the instructions and do you think you did the task correctly?



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Imagine someone is talking to you and uses a word you
don't know to refer to one of these objects:

Which object are they talking about?

very unlikely very likely
Please adjust the sliders before continuing.